Custom & Private New York Tours, Inc.

About Cliff

Cliff of Custom & Private New York Tours

My first breath was taken in Manhattan. By looking around the nursery I had noticed that my “roommates” were very diverse! Right then and there I knew I was in New York City! Yes!

I believe “the city” has a heartbeat and when it grabs you, it’s impossible to let go. Many have tried and not succeeded. New York City always beckons. However, living here can be daunting; it’s not for the meek and weak of heart.

As a history teacher in a Harlem Junior High School, many years ago, I had been provided with a wonderful learning experience for my students and me. Then . . .

Owning and operating a chain of one-hour photo stores and a digital imaging lab in Manhattan for over 20 years was a marvelous experience. My staff built careers in the industry and acquired valuable new skills as well. Then came digital photography.

I taught, as a volunteer, at The Dale Carnegie Center of Excellence in Manhattan and was awarded The Highest award for Achievement.

Eleven years ago I combined my teaching experience, degree in history and my love of New York City as well as my experiences at Dale Carnegie into one bundle called Custom & Private™ New York Tours.

About Aline

Aline of Custom & Private New York Tours

I was born and raised in northern France, completed my education and it was on to Paris to build a career in the high-end fashion industry. In time, I became the CEO’s personal assistant participating in various phases of the business. The company was sold and I left pursuing an opportunity by accepting a position in the New York City luxury end of the business; first with Marina Rinaldi and ultimately with Chanel on Fifth Avenue.

As the leading sales associate I built a very rewarding and challenging career.

In 2009, when the great recession struck I decided to help my husband, Cliff, build Custom & Private. It was exciting and challenging from the start, always finding ways to provide the best experiences for our clients. Having secured my guide license I’ve provided many tours mainly for French speaking clients and managing the back office.

Cliff and I have been married for nineteen years and since our marriage we’ve been living in Manhattan, enjoying the excitement of the city and loving what we’ve been doing for the past eleven years operating Custom & Private.

We look forward to many years continuing to do what we love, passionately. Thanks for reading!