"Hidden" New York City

Picture of a building in NYC.
  • Manhattan’s smallest park is .05 acres. Septuagesimo Uno, located at 71st, is considered to be a “Pocket Park.” If you pronounce the name as you’re looking for it, you’ll have to practice.
  • The site of the first pedestrian fatality in America who was struck by an electric powered taxi in 1898. Still, it pays to look both ways 
  • The Amiable Child Monument of St. Clair Pollack, a five-year-old boy who tragically fell off a cliff on July 15, erected in 1795 across the street from U. S. Grant’s tomb several hundred steps behind Grant’s tomb. The memorial is in Riverside Park at 122nd Street.
  • The smallest building in Manhattan is 125 square feet! The owner has been offered $1.25 million that’s $10,000 a square foot! He made an incredible sculpture with over 10,000 keys. It’s a locksmith shop on 7th Avenue south in Greenwich Village.
  • The narrowest residential building in Manhattan is 8 ½ feet wide, the former home of poet Edna St Vincent Malay and Margaret Mead anthropologist Cary Grant and John Barrymore. It sold for over $3 million several years ago! The buyer opened his wallet wider recently, peeling off over $4 million bucks!
  • “86” as in cancel it! Have a look at the tour “86” that was a “speakeasy” during Prohibition. Lee Chumley operated a bar and when the good cops provided notice that the bad cops were on their way. “’86 the joint!” “Get going!”
  • Coggan’s Bluff, at the Brush Stairway, is the last trace of Manhattan baseball where those without the money to purchase a ticket to the Polo Grounds. Watch a Giants game by grabbing 1⁄2 a step. It’s just above Morningside Park and with binoculars you could have seen a game for free, including Bobby Thompson’s “The shot heard around the world” in the 1951 NL playoffs to compete in The World Series.
  • The Dakota is #1 on the list. The most famous people who have lived there who you know. From H. Bogart, John Lennon, Roberta Flack, and many others. Why is it called The Dakota? You’ll find out! Fifteen-foot-high ceilings on the first floor. It’s elegant and unlike any other building.
  • Pomander Walk, 27 Tudor style homes on the Upper Westside (UWS). Very quaint, Humphrey Bogart lived there with Lauren.
  • First subway station in New York was gorgeous and hasn’t been in service for quite some time! But I know how we can see this 1904 beauty. Are you interested?
  • The oldest building in Manhattan where Gen. George Washington bent his elbow is Fraunces Tavern, the oldest building in Manhattan.