Private Architecture Tours in NYC

Architecture in New York City
  • New York City’s has been experiencing an unparalleled building boom!
  • Billionaire’s Row has smashed prior records; two are taller then the Empire State Building, a four floor home sold for $234 million, it’s a jawbreaker WOW!
  • One Vanderbilt Tower offers a new spectacular observation deck, taller than the Empire State.
  • IAC Building by Gehrey, New York by Gehrey The Highline, Little Island, Brooklyn’s first building to exceed 1,000’!
  • VIA 57 West triangle building, designed by Barge Engels, unbelievable!
  • 111 West 57th Street $2 Billion, taller then ESB and most disproportional skyscraper in the world. Google 432 Park Ave!
  • And the traditional favorites: Empire State Building, Chrysler, Grand Central Terminal, Brooklyn Bridge, Rockefeller Center.
  • See the view from across The East River from the shore in Brooklyn.
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  • Select your favorites and we’ll create an itinerary that targets your interests.