Your Special Requests

Do you have unusual and special interests? Such as a romantic tour to visit sites that have angels, been there, done that! Or perhaps an engagement proposal or even a marriage ceremony included. How about visiting the best pubs or sneaker stores… Read more »

Popular New York Sights & Attractions

This tour is for first time visitors or those who want to dig a bit deeper. Fifth Ave, New York’s “premier boulevard” The Plaza, Trump Tower, St. Patrick’s Cathedral and Rockefeller Center, Central Park, it’s history, origin and the enormity of its construction… Read more »

Photography Tours in NYC

Capture the most iconic sites like a pro. You’ll learn how to capture the most favorable angles and perspectives that’ll create photographs as taken through the lens of a photo genius not a “tourist”! Create beautiful photographs of The Chrysler Building, Empire State, The Brooklyn Bridge, Central Park, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, The Flatiron, Brownstones, Skyline views across The East and Hudson Rivers… Read more »

Architecture Tours in NYC

Featuring the best sites for those who love architecture. There’s a treasure trove to be found in New York City. Perhaps it’s the most eclectic array of architectural gems on the planet. There’s classic, Greek revival, Beau Arts, Art Deco, Modern, 5th Empire, Post-Modern, etc. all present. There’s magnificent Brownstone homes, Federal style town homes, the new “Super Tall” buildings, exceeding 1,000 to nearly 1,800 feet known as Billionaire’s Row… Read more »

Family & Children’s Tours in New York City

Tours for children, that is of interest to adults too is, a specialty of ours. We love to make kids happy because, if they’re not happy then nobody’s happy 🙂 We create a rapport with the kids from the “get-go” and allow them to plan their tour with our help and guidance. We know what works and we know what doesn’t. We “put them in charge” because kids too “support a world they help create”… Read more »

Brooklyn Sites

Visit Yankee Stadium, ride on one of New York’s premier boulevards, The Grand Concourse and visit “the real Little Italy.” The Bronx returning to greatness, from the depths of the ‘70’s and 80’s. “The Bronx is burning” Howard Cosell’s words, the New York Yankee’s broadcaster… Read more »

How New Yorkers Live

We’ll visit various sites and neighborhoods that dovetail with the themes below. Our discussion is an exchange of ideas; thoughts and questions will create an enjoyable learning experience. How do we get around town? Let’s take a ride on the subway. No reason to be nervous. What are our pet peeves? Where’s the best pizza and street hotdogs? Read more »

"Hidden" New York City

Picture of a building in NYC.

Are you a frequent visitor? This tour is for those who’ve “been there done that!” Lifelong New Yorkers are unaware of many such places. Seldom seen or heard of sites are perfect fits for those who are amused and curious… Read more »

TV, Movie & Mafia Hit Sites in New York City

outside of Tom's Restaurant in NYC

Your favorite sites and scenes are waiting for you. We’re the #1 place for movies and TV. Eloise, DeNiro, Bono, Diane Keaton, Michael Douglas, Seinfeld, Steve Martin, Bono, Denzel Washington and Pacino’s home, to name a few. Sex and the City sites, such as Sara Jessica Parker’s fictitious brownstone home, the original Magnolia Bakery, The Pleasure Chest, the bar built by the boyfriends, the ghost buster firehouse and Dr. Cliff Huxtible (Bill Cosby’s) previous home much better then the one he’s in now… Read more »

Parks & Neighborhoods in NYC

Picture of an apartment building near a NYC park.

Get the scoop on Central Park: “America’s greatest 19th century artistic masterpiece” We’ll grab a bench, there are 8,500 to choose from. Why did it take 20,000 men 14 years to build? You’ll find out! Madison Square Park: Named after President Madison he had a cottage there. This magnificent pocket park is where the first baseball game was played however not everyone would agree. It’s a magnificent park rich in history, numerous monuments and the first Shake Shack… Read more »