Family & Children’s Tours in New York City

  • Jane’s Carousel, is a spectacular attraction, “a homerun out of the park!” With outstanding views at the edge of The East River and great views of The Brooklyn Bridge. There’s a short talk to an ice-cream factory and a spectacular shopping center formally a Civil War warehouse.
  • Economy Candy is “the star of the show!” Established in 1937. New York City has granted it a landmark. You’ll see candy you haven’t seen for years! I guarantee you will not be disappointed, don’t skip chiclet type candy boxes with slogans not for kids, hum
  • The Top of the Rock Observation Deck is the best in the city, children are still engrossed with King Kong, and many prefer The Empire State Building. Please be aware it takes a lot of time and when you’re in it you can’t see it. We recommend Top of the Rock, best view 100%!
  • The Statue of Liberty is the star of the show. The best way to get there is the 50- minute water taxi cruise, $32 tickets is the best ticket in town.
  • You will not disembark on Liberty Island. There’s nothing to do on There’s nothing to do on Liberty Island and the only way to get there is via a crowded ship with airport security. You can also see The Statue of Liberty from the promenade located in Battery Park.
  • A ride on The New York City subway, an express that “flies” underground is a real treat for the kids. Our chauffeur will meet us shortly after we arrive at the station.
  • Joe’s pizza is the best on earth. Once the first bite is tasted, you’re hooked. It’s always fast, fresh, and hot. We can enjoy our slices in the SUV or the Mercedes Van if the weather is cold or raining. We can eat in the park. NO waiting, and the pizza is the best in NYC. THE BEST!
  • Depending on their ages and preferences we can “put the following on the table.” Janes Carousel, Billionaires Row, The museum of Illusions, math (interactive) museum, The Fire Museum, Gulliver’s Gate, the children’s zoo in Central Park and Grand Central Terminal with “whispering arches.”
  • We are the experts guiding you by creating your customized itinerary that we create together. We’ll toss in some other places that you are unaware of. For example: The Highline, Chelsea Market, Little Island, The Oculus, The Triangle Building, Homes of the Rich & Famous. It’s endless!