Family & Children’s Tours in New York City

kids playing in fountain
  • Jane’s Carousel, a spectacular attraction, is a homerun out of the park. It’s a grand slam! With outstanding views at the edge of The East River: The Brooklyn Bridge, The Manhattan Bridge and the Manhattan skyline too, it’s a perfect setting. There’s an ice-cream factory a short walk from there.
  • Economy Candy is “the star of the show!” A 1937 est. New York City landmark, there’s nothing like it!
  • The Top of the Rock Observation Deck is the best in the city however, if they prefer The Empire State Building we just may go with that.
  • The Statue of Liberty is best viewed up close on the water taxi, not the ferry that requires airport type security and lines. We don’t like lines and neither do the children.
  • A ride on The New York City subway, an express that “flies” us underground is a real treat for the kids. The chauffeur meets us shortly after we arrive at the station of choice.
  • Joe’s pizza is the best on earth. Once the first bit is tasted, you’re hooked. It’s always fast, fresh and hot. We take the slices to the car or eat in the park.
  • Depending on their ages and preferences we can “put the following on the table.” The museum of Illusions, math (interactive) museum, The Fire Museum, Gulliver’s Gate, the children’s zoo in Central Park, and Grand Central Terminal with “whispering arches.”
  •  Let’s discuss what you believe is best for them as well.