How New Yorkers Live

New York City Subway Platform.
  • Where are the schools, playgrounds and green spaces? How do we shop? Why do so many people come here to live?
  • How did we reduce the crime rate so impressively? How many visitors come to NYC annually?
  • Are New Yorkers satisfied with their quality of life? This city has the easiest access and most choices; 24,000 restaurants and 41 Broadway theatres. What’s the cost of “dinner for two?”
  • How did this city become what it is? It’s so liberal, diverse entrepreneurial and demonstrative? What changes have occurred during our lifetime? What’s the cost of a small one bedroom apt?
  • What about labor unions, the mafia, crime and the homeless? What’s the cost of bacon and eggs? Let’s talk about public assistance and public housing.
  • It’s a fascinating tour of topical issues, sites and experiences. Dig deep into the evolution of this city’s culture and the forces that got us here.
  • Cliff exclusively conducts this tour.