Your Special Requests

  • New York’s history is remarkable. It has been the foremost city in “The New World” across the Atlantic Ocean. The first explorer was Giovani de Verrazzano, who arrived in the harbor. Due to bad weather he sailed to the Spice Islands for the French, his original mission.
  • The history of New York is the history of the western world. People have created this city as the melting pot. has made us unique. We are the most diverse place on earth speaking over 600 languages. It’s beyond a fascinating story tale, fascinating.
  • During your tour we’ll provide the information for you to navigate Manhattan. Within ten minutes your guide will explain how to navigate like a New Yorker. It’s easy. Even for adults 
  • Manhattan has a street grid numbered; it’s easy to navigate. For example, if you’re on 34th street you’ll have no trouble finding 33rd Street. Avenues such as 6th Avenue is one block from 5th Avenue. It’s a parallel and perpendicular layout however, there are a few exceptions. Street maps can be purchased on newsstands and many shops too.
  • We provide a chauffeured Escalade SUV and your guide for four guests maximum. For larger groups, 12 maxim, a chauffeured Mercedes Sprinter Van. Larger groups tour in a quality bus.
  • When you email us or call, we’ll create your itinerary ensuring that your tour time will include sights and attractions that interest you. We’ll chime in with suggestions for you to consider. Your itinerary can be modified as you move along during your tour; nothing is set in stone.
  • Tickets for observation decks or Statue of Liberty cruises we will purchase in advance foregoing long lines. We’re here to ensure your tour will be a fun, memorable and informative New York experience.