Photography Tours in NYC

  • There are places that offer the best opportunities to capture the most prevalent sites for photo bugs. No need for bulky equipment because your iPhone will capture the shots you wish. My name is Cliff and I have been in the one-hour photo business. I’m delighted to conduct those tours. You’ll be positioned to capture the sites of a lifetime, a treasure-trove of images that, together with your memories will be the prized “booty” of your visit. The photos on this website I’ve captured.
  • You’ll acquire many elements of framing, combining subjects and other tricks that will highlight the aesthetics of your photographs as well enhancing the message that you may be seeking to capture.
  • Cliff has provided a tour for Nikon to test a new generation of equipment.
  • He knows where the best places are to get those shots with his help. Cliff conducts the photograph tour exclusively. All the photos on this website are photographs captured by Cliff and he conducts Photography Tours.