Custom & Private™ is a New York Family Owned & Managed Tour Company

Why tour with us?

No Middlemen! Phones answered by us. No overseas operators or auto answering.

Service: Prompt responders no form letters. Quick and complete answers.

Our guides We’re picky! We love ‘em or we just stay friends.

12 languages spoken here: Our guides speak English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Mandarin, Cantonese, Swedish, Japanese, Portuguese, and Ukrainian.

Line (Queue) Cutting*: There’s no 100% guarantee, no one does it better.

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The people have spoken: Over 500 reviews (TripAdvisor)* 99% five star.

Your tour: Hear “the story,” in the most entertaining way making it all come alive!

Tour planning: We plan together or as you wish. No two tours are alike.

Accommodating children, septuagenarians and everyone in between love our tours.

*See our second review on the review page!

“If it isn’t fun, memorable and informative it’s not a tour!”