Custom & Private™ is a New York Family Owned & Managed Tour Company

Why tour with us?

No Middlemen! We, Cliff & Aline, are hands-on owners and operators of Custom & Private™. We answer our phone, no overseas operators or answering services. “We can never get too close to our customers!”

Service: We’re prompt responders to all emails. You’ll never get a form letter from us. Do you have questions and requests? We have quick and complete answers.

Our guides We’re picky! We love ‘em or we just stay friends. They’re all mature, experienced New Yorkers with lifetime experience and passionate, engaging and informative.  “Info robots” need not apply. If you check out the math, as of this writing, our TripAdvisor reviews are 99% five star.

12 languages spoken here: Our guides speak English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Mandarin, Cantonese, Swedish, Japanese, Portuguese, and Ukrainian.

Best Refund Policy: Your deposit is fully and promptly refunded with a minimum of 3 days notice prior to your tour date.

Line (Queue) Cutting*: We’re “masters of the game” civilly and effectively. There’s no 100% guaranteed strategy however, we don’t know anyone who does it better.

*See our first review on the review page!

The people have spoken: With over 500 reviews (TripAdvisor) and actually* 99% are five star and we’ve been granted their “Hall of Fame” award. No other NYC “private tour” company can claim that statement!

Your tour: Hear “the story,” in the most entertaining way making it all come alive! We don’t “bore you with the brick and mortar” it’s about the movers, shakers, rascals, crooks, barons and mafia, that’s “the story”!

Tour planning: We invite your participation, that way we craft your itinerary targeting your interests. Or, we’ll plan your customized tour based on your topical interests; architecture, history, neighborhoods, etc.

Accommodating children, septuagenarians and everyone in between be it bathroom stops, coffee breaks, a drug store, mobility challenges, a pretzel, hotdog, ice-cream, etc.

“If it isn’t fun, memorable and informative it’s not a tour!”


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