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Tours include chauffeur and guide (guide only for walking tours).
Lux. SUV: $295 per hour max 4 guests*.
Mercedes Van: $345 per hour up to 13 guests.
Mercedes Van for wheelchairs: $345 per hour (choice of 2 vehicles: 5 guests & 1 wheelchair or 6 guests and 2 wheelchairs, same rate).
Lux. Mini-Bus: $395 per hour up to 38 guests.
Walking Tours licensed guide $145 per hour up to 6 guests $10 per hour for additional guests, 10 max.
*Mercedes van suggest for 4 guests (plus guide and chauffeur is a bit of a squeeze)

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Please note:

  • We speak: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Mandarin, Cantonese, Swedish, Japanese, Portuguese and Ukrainian.
  • 4 hour min. or extend your tour in advance or at tour time, no prior notice needed.
  • There is No Sales Tax for private tours. We accept cash payment. Call us for details please.
  • We do not combine groups.
  • Money promptly and fully refunded if you cancel with 3-day minimum notice.
  • Tours begin at time and place you wish in Manhattan. Surcharge for tours originating or ending outside of Manhattan based on distance

All tours (walking tours, guide only) include a chauffeur and a mature, engaging and informative licensed NYC guide. All tours have a four-hour minimum. Extending the duration of your tour need not be arranged in advance.

* Escalades have a chauffeur’s seat, one next to him, guide behind chauffeur, two guests share bench seat with guide (or one guest if there are 2 bucket seats, that puts one guest on 3rd row children’s bench (small windows ). If so 1 or 2 guests are seated in the children’s  bench. For comfort, larger and higher windows and standup entry consider a Mercedes Luxury Van. The overall experience is enhanced substantially. $50 add’l @ hour.