Parks & Neighborhoods in NYC

Picture of an apartment building near a NYC park.
  • Why did it take 20,000 men 14 years to build? You’ll find out!
  • Truly, this was New York’s town square in the mid-19th Lincoln’s funeral procession passed by the 1st Madison Square Garden stood across the street and The Flatiron and Metropolitan Life Tower are both adjacent to the park.
  • The Flatiron Building, Met Life Tower world’s tallest building in 1906, borders Madison Square Park from Eataly! Or stop by Eisenberg’s (1929) a sandwich place where nothing has changed since. There’s a wonderful story to be heard about this place.
  • Washington Square Park: Located in the heart of Greenwich Village home of the Washington arch, The Triangle Shirtwaist fire site, music, antics, chess players, and two dog runs for small and large dogs,, filled with energy, weirdo’s, hipsters, NYU students and faculty, beautifully restored.
  • Gramercy Park: With a statue of Edwin Booth, actor John Wilks’s Booth brother is its centerpiece. It’s the only park in Manhattan requiring a key to enter.
  • Battery Park: There’s an 1812 fort, numerous memorial monuments, views of “The Lady in the Harbor, located “where it all began
  • Neighborhoods: Chinatown, Little Italy, The Meatpacking District should be called “The Pack Meeting District,” Soho, The Villages, Upper Westside, Brooklyn Heights, and Harlem are all on the table.