Parks & Neighborhoods in NYC

Picture of an apartment building near a NYC park.
  • Why did it take 20,000 men 14 years to build? You’ll find out!
  • Truly, this was New York’s town square in the mid-19th Lincoln’s funeral procession passed by, the 1st Madison Square Garden stood across the street and The Flatiron and Metropolitan Life Tower are both adjacent to the park.
  • World’s first baseball game, the Flatiron Building, Met Life Tower world’s tallest building in 1906, border the park. Eataly! Eisenberg’s (1929) a sandwich place where nothing has changed since. There’s a wonderful story to be heard about this place.
  • Washington Square Park: Located in the heart of Greenwich Village home of the Washington arch, The Triangle Shirtwaist fire site, music, antics, chess players, a dog park, filled with energy, weirdo’s, hipsters, NYU students and faculty, beautifully restored.
  • Gramercy Park: With a statue of Edwin Booth, actor, John Wilks brother is its centerpiece. It’s he only park requiring a key to enter.
  • Battery Park: There’s an 1812 fort, numerous memorial monuments, views of “The Lady in the Harbor, located “where it all began
  • Neighborhoods: Chinatown, Little Italy, The Meatpacking District (should be “The Pack Meeting District,” Soho, The Villages, Upper Westside, Brooklyn Heights and Harlem are all on the table.