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The High Line

Building near the High Line in New York City.

Formally this mile plus long elevated freight railroad line transported goods from West 34th Street to Clarkson Street in The West Village. It fell into disuse in the early ’80’s. It was abandoned and became a blight; a place for the homeless and other unsavory people to hang out. Mayor Giuliani wanted to disassemble it…. Read more »

Our Hyperbolic Paraboloid (AKA “Triangle Building”)

Bjarke Ingels, a young prolific Danish post-modern architect, has designed a stunning new and unique structure known as Via 57 located at 57th Street and 12th Avenue. It is a residential rental building developed by Durst Corp. containing a gym, pool, bars, restaurants, shopping, fireplaces and lounge areas as well as an outdoor park (in… Read more »

Chelsea Market

Inside Chelsea Market in New York City.

Located in the “Pack Meeting” District, aka the Meatpacking District, in the building where the Oreo Cookie was invented in 1912 . It is our most spectacular food market. From cupcakes to steamed lobster, cappuccino, or sushi, this extraordinary food lovers paradise is truly breathtaking and the catalyst that helped create this wonderful new and… Read more »

Rockefeller Center & Top of the Rock Observation Deck

Still, after 85 years Rockefeller Center is the centerpiece of “the city.” Sitting on 22 acres with 19 high rise buildings attract millions of visitors annually who enjoy many marvels of those urban planners and architects whose genius have created the pinnacle of urban planning genius. From the spectacular Christmas tree, as a symbol of… Read more »

432 Park Avenue and Billionaire’s Row

432 Park Avenue Building, New York City.

93 feet wide on each side this 1,396 foot tall building’s roof is currently the tallest edifice in New York City, if you discount the 408’ pole atop the One World Trade building. Incredibly, the Uruguayan architect, Rafael Vinoly’s design was inspired by a 1905 trash can! Currently there are several buildings under construction in… Read more »

Alexander Hamilton’s Home & Washington’s Headquarters

George Washington's former base.

The Grange, Hamilton’s home is located in Harlem (aka Hamilton Heights) at its third location. Visiting this historic home is a step back in time, filled with fascinating exhibits. Hamilton passed away from the wound inflicted by Aaron Burr during their 1804 dual on the day after their fateful encounter. The Morris Jumel mansion (included… Read more »